About Us

It was established in Irbid in early 2018
Developing and building the entrepreneurial capacities of the local community and achieving sustainable international and international community development to serve the local community and create volunteer opportunities for more innovative ideas.The building area is 400 square meters and it consists of 3 training rooms, 2 administrative rooms, 1 classroom and a special space for children.

A youth team that believes in institutionalization and framing in the direction of construction, work and construction. We work to convert ideas into action projects on the ground and strive towards achieving stimulation Development Community development young people.

Ahmed Shtayat — Director of the Tahfeez Association for Leadership and Development

Our Mission

To develop the skills of individuals and stimulate their positive energy to work together to advance voluntary community work and highlight the role of Jordanian youth in sustainable development.

Our Vision

Developing the capabilities of youth and participatory work in building an entrepreneurial and productive society

Our Values

Participation and teamwork

with positive energy, teamwork, and active participation and support each other in our work through continuous cooperation and teamwork

Innovation, leadership, and continuous learning

We develop the spirit of innovation and initiative, and we always work to sustain training and education by supporting continuous learning and knowledge exchange

Effective Communication

We are committed to activating the various policies and channels of communication with all groups such as employees, volunteers, local communities, partners, and beneficiaries


We fully adhere to our social responsibilities, beneficiaries, and partners, and we always work to establish concepts of responsibility with the team and at all levels

Integrity and transparency

We adhere to the highest ethical principles, and we pledge to work with integrity and transparency so as to achieve justice and enhance trust, credibility, and institutional accountability

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