Awareness sessions on mental health and psychosocial support

Tahfeez Association for Leadership and Development organized awareness sessions on mental health in partnership with Action Against Hunger within the self-reliance project for Syrian refugees and host communities through integrated support for livelihoods, mental health, and psychosocial support to prepare, mitigate, and deal with the impact of the Corona pandemic on the social and economic situation of refugees and individuals Host community in Jordan.

The awareness sessions included several topics, most notably:

Mental health concept.

The psychological pressures that the individual is exposed to and their causes.

The negatives and consequences of psychological stress.


Strategies to relieve psychological stress.

Referral pathways, through which the referral mechanism is explained to individuals to transfer cases exposed to psychological stress.

The sessions also included the implementation of some exercises that regulate the breathing process to relieve the psychological pressure experienced by the individual.




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