Tahfeez launches its Ramadan campaign 5

The Tahfeez Association for Leadership and Development launched the annual Ramadan campaign for this blessed month, the implementation of which comes for the fifth time in a row, with the aim of activating the role of civil society institutions and involving young people in community activities, through several community, charitable and pioneering initiatives that take into account the specificity of the month of goodness and blessing.

This campaign includes various activities and initiatives distributed between initiatives and activities that are implemented on the ground and between electronic ones, with the participation of a number of volunteers from all over the Kingdom. We also look forward to your interaction and participation in all directions to work together towards stimulating, developing and developing youth and society.

The family of the Tahfeez Association for Leadership and Development congratulates you on the blessed month of Ramadan, and we ask God to bring it back to you with health, goodness and wellness, and every year and you are fine.

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