tahfeez organizes a training workshop in project management within the chocolate industry project

Professions of Gold Company organized a training workshop in the implementation of projects for the chocolate industry project, which it organized in partnership with the Tahfez Association for Entrepreneurship and Development, with the aim of building and raising the capabilities of women in entrepreneurship and small projects to contribute to the development and development of their projects.

The workshop that I highlighted arose over the course of two days from different axes, including:

The concept of entrepreneurship and small projects.

Entrepreneurship skills.

Basic skills for entrepreneurs.

Marketing concept and skills.

Mention the most important digital marketing.

Behavioral concept.

– Model arm model.

– How to communicate with others.

It is reported that the chocolate manufacturing project came in two phases, the first phase in the next phase was represented by talking about the manufacture of chocolate, molds and the method of manufacture.

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